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“Time” Adrian Glass


(Morbius ‘Morbos’ Glass.  Adrian Glass’s cat)

Time is not an illusion and nor is the self.  There is only the now, this point in time and nothing else.  The past has been absorbed, not all information is retained.  Take and utilize what was learned, discard the rest.   The future does not exist, the Universe is created by the eyes that observe it.   The Void surrounds us in it’s darkness, the human is the light bearer that must enter alone. 

Cold War 2 (update 17) Soon-to-be fully ICBM nuked armed North Korea. Tests new missile.


(Image from www.npr.org)

As the sanctions imposed on North Korea, via pressure on China, was able to set a slight reprieve.  The latest missile test on Wednesday the 30th November of a larger 2017 version of the Hwasong-15, with a significantly longer range.  With analysts saying that the missile could hit all of America and/or depending on payload weight could hit all the cities on the American West Coast.  This is revved up Chinese tech now been utilized on North Korean missile systems.  Very concerning.  As the sanctions should now be pushed directly onto China.  President Trump has suggested that the new round of sanctions are to be aimed at Chinese banks, these are investment banks and government investment entities.  This would have an impact as the amount of investment outflows into Chinese/Western projects, construction or otherwise will decrease.  Not such a bad thing, sans possible recessionary aspects to the construction/apartment economy.  There is a glut anyway.

Anything to avoid a full scale war.

From Washington Times

North Korea’s test of its most powerful and sophisticated ballistic missile to date has sparked a heated debate inside the Trump administration over whether to impose broad new sanctions against Chinese banks suspected of laundering money for the rogue regime now that it is seen as posing a credible nuclear threat to the U.S. mainland. With the U.N. Security Council holding yet another emergency session on the North Korean nuclear program Wednesday afternoon, the U.S. and powers across Asia scrambled to contain the fallout of the North’s successful missile test, its first in more than two months and the first since President Trump made a 12-day tour of Asian capitals to discuss how to handle Pyongyang.

While analysts and some Republican lawmakers have long called for China-focused sanctions, sources close to the White House say Mr. Trump’s top aides have advised him to tread with “extreme caution” toward such a move because of fears among Wall Street investment firms that it would trigger a harsh backlash from Beijing. “We’ve got the Goldman Sachs faction that’s still pretty strong around the president, and they say if you start sanctioning Chinese banks, there will be ripple effects and it will damage the global economy,” one source told The Washington Times on the condition of anonymity. Mr. Trump sought to strike a more optimistic note after a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose country is North Korea’s main ally and economic partner. “Just spoke to President Xi Jinping of China concerning the latest provocative actions of North Korea,” Mr. Trump tweeted Wednesday morning. “Additional major sanctions will be imposed on North Korea today. This situation will be handled!

Also refer to commentary re: North Korean Nuke crisis via https://chiasmusadrianglass.wordpress.com/2017/09/21/cold-war-2-update-14-north-korea-fires-long-range-missile-over-japan/

NIREUS (Adrian Glass. 2015).

I wrote NIREUS, a short story, in 2015. It was the first book which began to cover the ‘hard’ science as opposed to the science-fiction concepts. More so studying, as a writer, the basic understanding of General Relativity, Space-time and our place in the Universe. The intention was to keep the story grounded within what could be possible with our current technologies, to what maybe presented to us from an advanced alien civilization.  It is also a story in-which I started to introduce human relationships, as the temperaments of loss and gain, pain and joy.  Which are uniquely human experiences.  These ‘themes’ later evolved as backdrops to what it means to be a human in books that came after NIREUS.  My curiosity was to create characters, scientists, physicists, who study the Universe – in an unattached, rational way, but yet are also flawed and vulnerable to the dispositions of their own existence.

C H I A S M U S music list for 2017


(Adrian Glass, author of CHIASMUS.  Thinking of nothing and believing in nothing whilst listening to music)

This is the music list for 2017.   With the digital and global onset of self managed and produced music coming out at an incredible rate, it is prudent for me to filer out what stands out and what doesn’t.  Of course these are my tastes which vary, but the bands/groups listed all represent in their originality.  That is why they made the 2017 C H I A S M U S list.  In no particular order:

Inferno: Gate-eye of Fractal Spiral (from the album Gnosis Kardias “Of Transcension and Involution”).  Czechoslovakian dark inspired, black/occult metal meditations.  Incredible release

Bleeding Mountains – Dead Ice (from the album Treeline) .  Swedish doom and sonic mass, full of evocation.

Liquid Rooms – Let Me In.  Neon lit underground club music, synth inspired.  Moody, cityscapes.

Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters – Once We Knew the World Well .  Amazing and innovative post-rock, aural landscapes, messed up time lines of history.  Rock and roll in the twilight zone.

Perturbator – Vantablack (from the album ‘New Model’)  Premier synthwave, speculative science fiction movie/comic/books with doses of our currently evolving dystopia.  Great as a soundtrack when walking around your city just before darkness.

The Devil and the Universe – Mater Dolorosa Do you here those mysterious ‘boom’ sounds within the Earth’s atmosphere?  The Devil and the Universe is the only ambient, occult, cosmic mantra group that I know of that has used the news reports as the intro to Mater Dolorosa.  Eerie.

Mega Drive – Godspeed Us To The Stars  High voltage synthwave impact.   With the masses of synthesizer 1980s (movie inspired score) solo groups, not many stand out.  Mega Drive is one of the few synthwave projects that push the boundaries of a saturated music style.

Phantom Mistress – Inverse White Circle.  I know very little about this group, female fronted astrophysical inspired blackened metal (that is my terminology).  A well composed, thought our aural defiance against the heavens.    Very impressed.

Vaura ‘The Fire’  Experimental fusion ‘metal’ band from Brooklyn, New York.

Andromeda Space Ritual – Jupiter is electric Psychedelic space rock,  perfect when sitting in the park, drinking alcohol, watching the sun set, marveling at the afterglow.  Wondering when ‘Betelgeuse’ a hyper-giant star finally explodes we will have a significantly brighter star that will be seen in both the daylight and night.


You are real, it is the Universe that may not exist. Except for what you perceive.

Hubble Frontier Fields view of Abell 2744

(The Abell 2744 cluster of Galaxies.  From https://www.spacetelescope.org/images/heic1401a/)

In a Topsy-turvy world of philosophy and science as the two try and find an equilibrium  with agreeances (which is rare) .  The topic of Time and the self as an illusion often gels (in a loose way) the empirical with the philosophical.  A common belief that not only is time an illusion but the self is too.  Often compounded by philosophers and scientists alike to the point of absurdity of late, with some elements of cognitive science lending a hand in, as a final attempt at winning the freewill debate, that you and I,  our actions, no matter how we perceive the self, are made up entirely of the predetermined impulses of our neurons.  Which are viewed as deterministic actions that overwrite the self and freedom of will.  So, anything you impose onto the self is an illusion,  reaffirmed, in their opinion, that within the cognitive actions there is no “I” and no “self”.  As the mind does not factor the self as an entity, so therefor they believe it is only an illusion that we visually perceive ourselves as a self willed being.  A spiritualist/philosophical belief  also held by Buddhists for thousands of years, that there is the “no self” or Anattā,  detachment from the self would reconcile the Dukkha, which is the continuous  attachment to suffering of pain and desire.    That in turn will lead to Anicca or Impermanence, the release from the cycle of attachment to human self imposed suffering.  As once achieved you’ll see the self as a temporary illusionary state of mind.

A lot of the fusion between neuroscience and the metaphysics of Anatta/’non self’ originates from the newly formed mindfulness ‘movement’ (?) that, as discussed, has borrowed heavily from Buddhist meditation and practice of attaining Anicca.  How helpful would it be to reinforced the message from a practitioner of atheist Mindfulness to their ‘flock’ that they are an illusion.  Is most likely counter-intuitive.  When the meditations should be the other way around, that the world and the Universe are an illusion, the only certainty is within a moment in time that we know the self exists – as the observer.

In relation to time as an illusion,  in part the popular culture impression (at the time), came form a famous letter that Albert Einstein wrote to his friend Michele Besso’s family after he passed away.

Now he has departed this strange world a little ahead of me…That signifies nothing. For us believing physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

Einstein was able to define a time-symmetric Universe in both General relativity and the standard particle physics model.   Which is a Universe that both, simultaneously, slows and speeds up time.  With that equation essentially leaving out the moment in time that is the “now” the equation reveals a ‘block-Universe’ where the flows of time are at different perceptions,  as they move in out of it’s timeless existence.  Thus, in turn creates an illusion for the observer as we would only follow the arrow of time in one direction, unaware that time is relevant at all points of the past and the future.

Still, as a first person experience.  I know time is real as much as the self is.  In time, experiences are learned, you shape your perception of reality within what you observe.  A constant movement that in all retrospect forces one to be within the “now”, it is our primitive and flawed parts of our minds that over compensate, with fears, of a future that may not exist. Whist clinging to a past that is only memories.  It is not that the future is an illusion, it simply, as mentioned, does not exist.  We make the self paramount and our experience of the self being real.  So, when we do turn our attention to the Universe, knowing that from a first person human experience, that the Universe may not be a constructed illusion.  But a presence that, under what we have learned and what we know, we control.  As we determine it’s observation.  And make it ours.

I’ll leave it with this quote from the American/Russian physicist Anrei Linde

The universe and the observer exist as a pair…You can say that the universe is there only when there is an observer who can say, Yes, I see the universe there. These small words — it looks like it was here— for practical purposes it may not matter much, but for me as a human being, I do not know any sense in which I could claim that the universe is here in the absence of observers. We are together, the universe and us. The moment you say that the universe exists without any observers, I cannot make any sense out of that. I cannot imagine a consistent theory of everything that ignores consciousness. A recording device cannot play the role of an observer, because who will read what is written on this recording device? In order for us to see that something happens, and say to one another that something happens, you need to have a universe, you need to have a recording device, and you need to have us. It’s not enough for the information to be stored somewhere, completely inaccessible to anybody. It’s necessary for somebody to look at it. You need an observer who looks at the universe. In the absence of observers, our universe is dead.”


Adrian Glass

Author of SATRAN KAEVON (2017) and Voids of the Elysium (2017)

Also, please refer to the article “Would The Universe Still Exist If No Life Existed To Observe It?