Tobias Birk Nielsen. Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 – VIOLENT SITUATIONS (overview)



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I have just recently heard of Tobias Birk Nielsen, from what is described on the designer’s website bio:  “TOBIAS BIRK NIELSEN FOUNDED IN 2016.  BY FORMER BORIS BIDJAN SABERI, BARCELONA & WOOD WOOD, COPENHAGEN JUNIOR DESIGNER”  Which is apparent as the main influences seen with Nielsen’s collections are from the designer Boris Bidjan Saberi’s (for all my reviews re: Boris Bidjan Saberi please refer stylized take on science fiction and post globalism aesthetics, with his fashion inspired vision of a compressed urban dystopia – and the new fashions that will evolve, motivated by it’s city landscapes.   Nielsen, with his Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 collection has followed suit to the Saberi theme.

Titled ‘Violent Situations’, Tobias Birk Nielsen has created a visual and sociological analysis, via fashion in relation to violence.  And since, the aspects of violence within our society has become more pronounced, more so from religious extremism, through to the polarization of global discord, which can be attributed as a failure to rein in over-expansive governments.  The overall systemic break down of a globalised society is all but inevitable.  To be replaced by the individual and his/her quest to survive .  The ‘Violent Situations’ collection, from what I can see, holds that focused style of the survivalist.  Hoddies, coats and vests adored with a monochromatic patchwork (photographs) – which works very well on coats and jackets.  As it creates an ambiguity with it’s obscured imagery, set as a backdrop to the clothing piece.   The color palette, apart from the camouflage, for this collection, once again, holds a Boris Bidjan Saberi influence with it’s neutral and achromatic colors.

A solid beginning for Tobias Birk Nielsen, overtime, hopefully, the young designer will develop the originality and distinction that a fashion designer needs, to offset the inundation of so many clothing brands – that on the most part lack originality.

*As a side note, seen on Kaltblunt magazine, was the accompanying Prolog for the ‘Violent Situations’ collection.  Which I though was very well written.


A.Glass updates and insight (94)


(Image from Calculating Celestial Movement.  Peter Hille, 1574)



Uma Wang Fall/Winter 2017/2018 – Paris Fashion Week




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A beautifully crafted collection for Uma Wang’s first Paris showing.    A distantly feminine array of androgyny, which once again as mentioned many times in my reviews of various fashion shows, is exclusively held by the fluidity of the female form.  Of course thankfully the designer, for this collection, has refrained from using certain, although not prolific, catchphrases in fashion such as unisex and genderless, which usually accounts to the more inexperienced designers.  Yet, despite Wang’s Fall/Winter collection holding that definite feminine appeal, it does borrow, very lightly, the masculine aspect of romantic styles, as she cleverly melds the ambiguity within it’s development that is the duality of the female forme.

Heavy cottons, linen, wool and velvets.  A draped, stylized affair, utilizing the predominance of the yellow spectrum with Wang’s use of golden yellows fused skillfully with blues, light browns and grays all complied in a textured layering balanced by the use of black.  There is Wang’s timeless use of lace, as seen with this Fall 2017 collection displayed on scarfs and collars, noted also with dress overlays, styled as a haute gothic fixture.  One should also note the ornamented embroidery which completes the romanticism.

Uma Wang’s Fall 2017 collection with it’s contemporary take on Regency and Victorian style fashions of yesteryear, also projects a radiant sex appeal.  The layered and effortless styles, the cocooned warmth and the feeling of being securely enveloped into sheath like silhouettes – ensures a sexual mystique.


Meditation . 1


(Image from  of unusual spiral galaxy Messier 66)

“The difficulty of meditation, when it means closing off all thoughts, is the realization of stillness. We believe that we should be hard wired into a constant connection to the world.  This is obviously wrong and causes the harm that one should avoid.  The discipline of Meditation is finding non thoughts, that hold no visions, no calculations, as nothing exists within the void. It is the incomprehensible, the mysterious without meaning that creates the clarity which is deemed as an empty, yet infinitely full Universe.”

Asteroid 2017 001 nearly hit the Earth: 20th July 2017.


(Image from Wikipedia of known asteroids in our Solar System and size comparison)

Trajectory of asteroid 2017 001 which nearly hit the Earth on the 20th July 2017

In understanding that our true threats, as discussed in Anthropocentric survival: Killer Asteroids, are from Nature (not from within the human race), more so as the late Carl Sagan was once said “The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. ”  It could be now argued that ‘indifference’ could be seen as hostility.  Yes, we have the potentiality to destroy ourselves, but the Universe could not only destroy humanity but remove all trace that we existed at all.  As our telescopes and astronomical detectors become more precise.  The realization that either life is rare or in a speculative sense via the Fermi Paradox, advanced alien life has moved on or away from a Universe, which in all retrospect, is anti-life.


“An asteroid flew pretty close to Earth last week. It missed us, you may have noticed. But we didn’t spot it until three days after it had flown past, which is a pretty terrifying reminder about the dangers asteroids pose to our world. Asteroid 2017 001 was about 37 to 77 meters (121 to 252 feet) across. It came about a third as close as the Moon, 123,031 kilometers (76,448 miles) from our planet, which is a pretty safe distance. It flew past at some point in the night of July 20 at a speed of about 10.36 kilometers (6.4 miles) per second. However, it was not until July 23 that we spotted the asteroid, after it had passed Earth, thanks to the ATLAS-MLO telescope in Hawaii. That’s, you know, not great. “Asteroid 2017 OO1 is an important reminder that we need to do a better job at detecting even small-sized asteroids early,” Grigorij Richters, the founder of Asteroid Day that seeks to raise awareness about asteroids, told IFLScience. “Small asteroids can cause significant regional damage and we are the only species that can do something about this cosmic hazard. Just ask the dinosaurs!”

“…For a bit of comparison, the Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded over Russia in 2013 was about 20 meters (65 feet feet) across. That injured hundreds, and caused considerable damage including shattering windows.In 1908, the famous Tunguska meteor – measuring 50 to 100 meters (165 to 330 feet) across – exploded over Siberia. It flattened about 80 million trees over an area of 2,000 square kilometers (770 square miles), although fortunately no one was killed. That’s almost the area of Luxembourg.”

Overzealous Astronomers, rushed press releases: ET signals.



Image from: All credit to Nadia Drake)

Once again, despite the expected skepticism related within the report, astronomers at the The Arecibo Observatory who discovered something “unusual” recently (which wasn’t really that unusual compared to the scale of natural possibilities) rushes a press release, posting it, where else, but on “Twitter” (the postmodern commie philosopher Jean Baudrillard would be turning in his grave).  A fast paced overenthusiastic desire to ensure a media spotlight (15 mins or so ode to Andy Warhol).  Of course with the countless reports of Alien signal misfires, the initial assumptions have always been that the signals or interference are from man-made sources, which for the most part are high orbit geostationary satellites.  And yes, the follow up report did indeed show that is was a satellite.  For credibility to be maintained, it would be prudent for scientists searching for extraterrestrial life to have zero expectations of finding anything.  Sans the race to be the ones that discover first contact.  Any rushed reports, over enthusiasm and/or sloppy science will further hit not just credibility – but maybe funding for future projects.

Since the discovery of Pulsars in the 1960s,  which emit a lighthouse style radio signal from it’s highly magnetized Neutron star – were discovered as not being alien signals.  It would be safe to say after more than 100 years of radio astronomy and with the advancement and precision of newer radio telescope technology.    That Aliens may not be communicating within the electromagnetic spectrum.  The question could be asked.  Why would they?  A messy and chaotic disbursement of natural radio signals within the Universe – would always be a clumsy form of communication for an advanced race of beings.

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