Moebius panel “The Long Tommorrow” (1975)

moebius-ltm-31(From:  All credit due.)

Between 1965 through to early 1980s was a richly creative and subversive time (pre the Internet) pushing themes of sex and violence within the context of fiction and science fiction.   Case in note in our strange paradigm flux of middle class conservatism and sensibilities the above image, draw by the famed artist Jean Giraud (Moebius), would most likely be censored (new nudity/adult content rules) by Goggle via their blogger platform.  With out of control algorithm systems ghost banning comments (which will be a prelude to auto-censoring negative comments against company/corporate structures) on youtube and the like.  It is truly the spectra of futures past that is now descending over inflated electronic landscapes.

*Updated 7th January 2018

*Since this post gets a lot of hits on WordPress, please refer to my art.  Which is NOT influenced by Moebius, is unique to me Adrian Glass author and artist


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