The Hyper-Real and the Cold War part 2

su-35-2We maybe living in hyper-real paradigms, but the hyper-real is selectively chosen under circumstances.  Or more so delivered as an expectation.  The idea of freewill within the hyper-real reality is most likely nonexistent.  This is only because we have agreed to be driven within the construct, whilst at the same time aware that no one is behind the wheel.  We have relinquished control and given into the idea of systematic controls.  We could defy nature and combat against the natural order to create a freedom for humanity, otherwise be damned into the system that eventually will combust.  So yes, Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation rings true, although his paradoxical antithesis of America is now slightly dated, it is not one nation that is adrift (within the illusion of a social media and globalised world), nor a single nation or culture to blame – but the whole concept of culture and the world which is adrift.   In the sense it would be wise to remove any socialist inclination (misplaced critique of consumerism) and cultural barriers as the world now drifts closer to singularity.

To ignore the cold part 2 (with Russia) or selectively remove in from the hyper-real world, would be very unwise (from Reuters):

MOSCOW, March 17 (Reuters) – Russia ruled out handing Crimea back to Ukraine on Tuesday and a Defence Ministry official said nuclear-capable long-range bombers were being sent to the Black Sea peninsula as part of war games.

The huge military exercises, in which the Northern Fleet was put on full alert on Monday and will range from the Arctic to the Black Sea, appear to be a show of force and defiance on the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea.

Russia’s parliament approved the annexation on March 21 last year after Russian forces took control of the peninsula, which is home to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, and residents backed joining the Russian Federation in a referendum.

Dismissing a U.S. pledge to keep economic sanctions in place on Russia over the annexation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “Crimea is a region of the Russian Federation and of course the subject of our regions is not up for discussion.”

Russia announced the start of military drills on Monday involving more than 45,000 troops as well as war planes and submarines.

Interfax news agency quoted an unidentified Defence Ministry official as saying on Tuesday the exercises would include the deployment of Tu-22M3 bombers in Crimea.

 The official also said long-range Iskander ballistic missiles were being sent to the Kaliningrad exclave bordering NATO members Lithuania and Poland for the war games, which also involve the Baltic Fleet and the Southern Military District.

The military exercises – after President Vladimir Putin’s first public appearance since March 5 – are the latest sign of Russia flexing its muscles since the start of the crisis in Ukraine, where Russia backs separatists fighting Kiev’s forces.


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