FIEKE WOLF (2011, 2015) *RE-EDITED*

new_fieke_wolf_coverFIEKE WOLF (2011, 2015)

I have re-edited Fieke Wolf, a novel I wrote back in 2011 based on a character which I created in 2009.  It is an important book to me, not only my first novel, but the character resonates an impression which I fleshed out in a novel and 2014 short story, which in all retrospect maybe the final chapter to Fieke Wolf.  She evolved from a collection of ideas, thoughts and concepts I had in the period of 2008 and 2011.  The economic crisis in Europe, Germany, America, the West, the East, the hypocrisy, the corruption and history that repeats.  I fell in love with the Wiemar period (and early modernist period) of Germany, particularly the art and idealism of the artists, philosophers, mixed with the turbulence of World War One and the years after, leading to a self prophesied decent into Fascism.  There is an absurdity to humanity, from greatness, kindness and compassion, we then can turn into monsters and killers.  Fieke Wolf is that gray area, between the dichotomy of the human condition.  Within the sociopath concept, which you could equate to the male fantasy of a femme fatate, Fieke Wolf is a survivor.   Despite the odds staked against her, she fights to the death.


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