The airline industry will face a crisis


(Photo from Mashable)

Despite the reassurances of low mortality rates via plane accidents (although that is no insurance for families who have lost loved ones), there is undoubtedly an increase in pilot error and/or suicides.  With the recent tragedy from the Germanwings accident, now seen as a pilot suicide, you can also add, which everyone knows the Malaysian flight 370 was an intricately planned pilot suicide.  Assumptions, even with a lack of evidence, will begin to pave way to pattens and if the German pilot showed no signs of lunacy, in which the Malaysian pilot also showed a ‘normalcy’,  the patten will be the same. Sophisticated aircraft well maintained and with a good safety record  = a pilot’s error or intention to kill.  As written in my earlier post it is truly time to get rid of human piloted aircraft and replace them with Artificial Intelligence systems, as human beings are showing less ability to deal with stress and multitasking situations.  A computer does not make those mistakes nor have the emotional unbalanced detriments of a fraught human mind.


2 thoughts on “The airline industry will face a crisis

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