Star Wars VII new trailer.

After the last trailer got somewhat discredited by some Star Wars fans, apart from the unnecessary racist comments, it was the critique of sequences, weapons and vehicles through to robotic extras.  So it would make sense to release this trailer earlier,  to relay the fears of the doubtful ones and reassure the rest of the fan-base that J.J Abrams installment of George Lucas’s creation, can cut it.  With absolute die-hard fans globally, who have poured so much passion and enthusiasm into the Star Wars Universe and lore, it is no wonder they are hyper sensitive to disappointments.  Why?  Well the creator, Lucas, nearly destroyed his own artwork.  With those horrendous prequels.  A lesson for any artist, no matter how talented and experienced, is capable of annihilating their creation.  George Lucas nearly did.  Star Wars should be violent and sexy, the original Star Wars (not Lucas’s butchered later versions) and the movies that followed, played out those themes – a Space Opera filled with it’s sexual tension and widespread violence of a universe at war.  What made Star Wars poignant was just that, the main characters and their relationships within the creeping death and mysticism of the cosmos.  It worked.  So, Star Wars VII has too fill that dispiriting void that Lucas left with his prequels.  The fans, young and old need to be quenched, this trailer may just be a small sip, but they deserve it.  It is the fans (including writers and artists over the years) who have contributed and believed in the Star Wars franchise that have kept the ideas alive.  Hopefully Star Wars VII will be that reward.


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