Y-3 Fall/Winter 2015, 2016 – Paris Fashion Week


007024070(Photos : http://www.parisfashionweek.buzz/ . All credit due)

Yohji Yamamoto’s representation via Adidas with their collaboration: Y-3.  He is the most masterful of fashion designers.  At ease with skill, with it’s flow and form.  Like a master Samurai, Yamamoto cuts into nature without effort, creates without thought.  Knows without knowing.  Just actions.  A  lesson here for all creative artists.

Stunning collection, hinting androgyny styles and then transferring back into the masculine and femininity at the same blurring the lines again.  The look becomes indistinguishable.  A redefinition of style between men and women, to create complexities, layering clothing over flowing skirts, high-necklines (which he actually shows how it’s done properly), scarfs and jackets that drape and contour the shoulders.  Colors that reflect futurist warrior looks and urban survival, as we move closer to dystopia and singularity within our future cities – only to embrace rather than fear.


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