Mad Max: Fury Road

(Up and coming video game for Mad Max to be released in September 2015.  This will probably resonate more so than the Fury Road DVD/bluray release.)

Overrated, paper thin plot, script-less with inserted dialog that at times is ludicrous, with confused leads Mad Max (Tom Hardy) Imperator Furisoa (Charlize Theron) mashed together,  Fury Road ensures, not deliberate but by error, that the Mad Max character dissolves in this production.  Action is comic book or video game accessible sans CGI, thus appeases the Marvel studio CGI and the associated backlash (despite Marvel Studio’s being a top earner.  They don’t care about sexism plus they love CGI and everyone gets paid).  Digitally filmed via continuous footage of car chase sequences and on-the-location editing, at the same time filtered effects and rendered cinematographic imagery helps paint the comic book feel.  All done on location in Africa.  Action/car sequences are deliberately overkill, with a silly plot and little dialog the action is easily transfered from comic book style onto future video game concepts.  Good marketing.  This is an all in production with little room for sequels, with a desert backdrop used and abused, all George Miller has is prequels to reinvigorate Tom Hardy’s character (Mad Max) –  broken cityscapes, pre-wastelands would work here.  Or reboot with a female character replacing the male Mad Max altogether.  The astounding amount of overenthusiastic reviews from film critics would make you think that Fury Road will kill it at the box office.  It hasn’t. Joss Whedon’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron, with all the hysteria about Marvel’s sexism is still the top earner with Fury Road sitting at number 11.  Why?  Studios notoriously hate R rated movies for it’s limit market appeal.  Like I said Miller went all in for this bet.  Lesson.  Fuck the blockbusters.  Time for solid (study:  Miller’s roots ala Mad Max 1 and 2) independent and/or low budget, well structured characters and concepts to reign down on the fever pitched bullshit.  Can we do it?

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