A.Glass updates and insight (66)

(Leeway, Three Wishes – 1994)

We are six months in on the pendulum swing.    Cold War part 2 is kicking in, it’s looking tight and fucking bad.  Climate Change is real and effecting the population of the Earth.  Humanity is probably at that point we gotta decide on priorities and best not delay, ween off an antiquated energy source, which is killing us slowly and in some ways quickly (refer to the militias and proxy wars in the Middle East between Iran and Saudi Arabia).  I don’t even want to think about Russia.  But all is not lost, we got choices…

Anyways, new book out end year, a short story collection.  All designs are eternal and the imagination is infinite.

In the meantime, look after your friends, lovers and family.  Laugh at religion, open the mind to science and the cosmos, study philosophy and have fun.



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