Rick Owens – Spring 2016 Paris


(Photo from The Cut, all credit due)

I adore Rick Owens clothes, probably the archetypal ‘rebellion’ designer at this point in time. Rebellion or Rebellious within the meaning that one has to go against the grain to be unique, individual.  An extraordinary difficult thing to do, within the context of homologous styling, global markets and dreams of being pandered by the money changers. Of course a decision that a creative person has to make, either create what they like, or create what you like (the hard path) with a subtle and sometimes not so subtle “fuck you”. Choose that harder path and you will shine. Now, whether or not Rick Owens was aware that a model, during his Spring 2016 collection, pulled out a scrawled message asking people to kill Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) is slightly irrelevant, what is relevant is that the clothing matches a message of rebellion. An inevitable combination. It would be highly improbable that the same model, who is an Owens muse, would play out the same stunt at a Versace show.  Point of the matter is, restlessness at the idiotic leaders of the world that WE live in, is now a broad expanding dislike of the crony capitalism trail they are leading us down – when we are at the 11th hour for the human race, WW3, Climate change etc.

Thoughts on his Spring 2016 collection: Rick Owens has defined a style, he is a master in creation and flawless in it’s execution.

Collection can be viewed here: http://nymag.com/thecut/runway/2016/spring/paris/menswear/rick-owens/


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