A.Glass updates and insight (67)

  Al Pacino as John Milton aka Satan in The Devil’s Advocate (1997)

The new book will not be short stories, rather a loosely based sequel, prequel, manifestation of a possible reality and origins of the controversial 2180: Futurus Mortuus.  A full novel will be written, end year is the due date.  In the meantime I’ll post the structure of the short stories on Chiasmus per month, structure meaning core aspects that are a foundation of what could have been, but never was.

Do you think the world is exciting?  Medieval religious cults of the middle east used in a proxy war against two oil giants, Russia trying on a Tzar madness with tactical nukes, The Europe Union was an optimistic joke run by technocrats, despite good intentions, we are not ready yet.   So we still got to take the pain, short, quick and not delayed.  They, the academic fools, have delayed the inevitable.  Respect to medicine and science/physics in quest for human greatness and longevity, not potshot governmental theories that should be confined to the history books.  The machines are our friends and will probably save us.  Enjoy the now, create your own world or worlds, except reality and redefine.  Survive.

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