Kepler-452b. Massive Earth like planet found.


(Image above from NASA)

Kepler-452b a super size Earth orbiting a larger yellow star that is 1.5 billion years older than our sun, thus burning hotter, although the large style Earth may have evolved correctly within it’s orbit around a larger star as it’s size would increase it’s Greenhouse protection against infrared radiation.  Note the zones above from Optimistic to our Conservative zone.  Could life re-evolve to live underground on some of theses larger planets for protection against their larger yellow stars, or tidal locked red dwarfs (extreme heat and cold temperature differentials from the lack of axial tilts)?  Regardless of the speculation for biological life on these planets, one thing is for sure, they are vastly older than our Earth and Sun.

The Kepler space program is probably one of the most dynamic and exciting of the deep space telescope missions as it looks for other planets that appear Earth like.  It is a simple objective, to look for habitable zones, map their orbits and monitor (aim Earth’s radio telescopes in their direction) the planets that could sustain intelligent life, whether they are tidal locked or not around a life supporting sun.  Using the Earth as a proxy measure for life i.e “Goldilocks” zone around a star, the Kepler telescope has discovered thousands of confirmed and unconfirmed planets orbiting various stars. This is raw, frontier science that will reveal newer mysteries as the cosmos begins to open up for humanity.


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