Cold War 2 (update 2)


(Turkish fighter jet on route to bomb Kurdish positions in Syria/Iraq that were once protected by Western warplanes.  Photo AP, all credit due)

The meat grinder in the middle east continues it’s grind.  The doomsday cult, yes that is exactly what they are, as opposed to the West’s confusion labeling  the “group” a terrorist organization when they are clearly a religious cult funded and based within Sunni dominated countries of the middle east, able to inspire cult members to spring up from behind computer screens and iphones from around the world, so far popping up predominately in France (origins to the Muslim and French tensions goes back to the 1950s/1960s ala Algerian conflict), the cult is used as a proxy army against Shia interests in the middle east.  Western ally counties such such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey  allow the flow of fresh recruits for the cult to carry out suicide attacks and other butchery in the region.  The West knows this, but doesn’t want to know at the same time, hence the appeasing when the Saudis say they have arrested 400+ IS members and Turkey is now bombing IS positions.  These are smoke screens so the mentioned countries can continue their actual bombing campaigns; Saudi Arabia against Iran backed Houthi militia in Yemen and Turkey against the PKK (Kurds), who single handedly flushed out that Islamic cult from Kobani while Turkey allowed and even flow between it’s boarders of European recruits to the doomsday cult to fight against the Kurds.  Till the West  decided to drop 500lb bombs between the Turkish and Kobani/Syrian boarders.  Point is, the fog of war (amidst a cold war part 2) may have descended on the middle east, but the reality is it is one side against another, it is a simple perspective for control of trade and energy routes to the super powers (Russia/China and America).  So it continues till Iran and Saudi Arabia finally draw the line and fire the first shots directly at each other.  At this point Iran is trying to get the West on their side, thus the nuclear deal, but it won’t stop Israel allowing Saudi Arabia to use their air space to bomb Iranian targets.  These are oil and energy wars, nothing more nothing less.  Militias, doomsday cults and other lunatic groups that have very loosely tied themselves  to Islam are being used to distinguish the boarders in the middle east between the two waring sides; Saudi Arabia and Iran.  It would be prudent to avoid the whole region.  Iran gets more cushy with the west, expect more attacks on Westerners.


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