Future cities – The Underground



(Inverted skyscraper called “Earth-scraper” by BNKR Arquitectura, Mexcio.  Photos from arch20.com. All credit due.)

Covered in this post Living beneath the Moon, with associated links and references,  which also is discussed in my short story Nireus.  Underground living in regards to a city’s survival, should be seen as a reality for a our future.  Even though it will be exciting, I am not a fan of human exploration to Mars, it could end up being a futile endeavor with our current rocket propulsion, also the high costs will outweigh any minimal benefits, when we can send probes and/or robots (viewed with virtual reality systems on Earth) to check for microscope bacteria and other primitive signs of life.  However the moon should be re-explored and seen as a satellite or alternative base for humans (living beneath the moon) if natural disasters or otherwise affects the Earth on a larger scale.     All of these concepts of underground habitation should be trialled and tested first on Earth.  If climate change becomes more ferocious before the UN’s ridicules emission cutting  deadlines  within a future when there could be no future.  It would be prudent for designers, architects to begin the augmentation of reality now to create new developments for humanity to reside in, also worth watching and noting will be the counties such as Saudi Arabia and China to see how newer modern cities should have not been built, unfortunately we have emulated those countries with porous glass and steel future “zombie” high-rises via cheap construction.


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