Musk and Hawking’s “AI” hysteria and lunacy.

The Million Machine March, from the Animatrix DVD (2003)

Gotta cut to the chase, Stephen Hawking’s is a great man, incredible mind, but only human with flawed hysterics regarding artificial intelligence and it’s doom on humanity.  Looking towards a perspective of longterm time frames and the evolution of computer systems and ‘killer’ robots holds very little sensibility in it’s approach, same with the billionaire industrialist Elon Musk who sprouts mania and backlash against ‘intelligent’ machines that the Luddites of yesteryear would be proud of, except it is drenched in hypocrisy.

As discussed in the post Artificial Intelligence and the replacement of rationality.  Machines will replace humans in jobs that are mundane and/or dangerous  We need to challenge ourselves to create new human based industries and concepts.  We are not doing that, instead relying on antiquated energy systems and soon-to-be peak microprocessing power.   So there is a sucker-punch coming, best brace for it.  Looking for scapegoats, is a unique human trait, will be the order of the day; is actually an embarrassing disposition.  The captains of industry and academics, rather than waffling on about threats from machines, should be extremely alarmed at the new cold-war; China/Russia vs American/West tensions that could morph into major global conflict.  Also the re-calibration of the meat-grinder in the middle east by America and Russia, all so we can feast off the energy resource that not only comes from death and decay, but is bringing the same.  Climate change and wars.  All human inspired.


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