Syrian Crisis

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The quagmire and proxy wars of the middle east are reaching an ever so close end game to a broader conflict between powers, both in the middle east and other ‘flashpoints’ in the world. The West, following Winston Churchill’s age old folly and antiquated policy of reshaping boarders and removing/installing dictators within the middle east, as now, in this modern age, made the blunder of blunders in Syria. The attempt to topple the Iranian and Russian backed Assad regime has split Syria into factions, so called moderate groups and of course the Islamic death-cult that expands and contracts with every moderate and/or sympathizer joining it’s ranks – bringing fresh Western provided weapons to be used against the Syrian goverment forces. With American and European confusion reigning supreme, bombing campaigns against extremist groups (and ‘moderate’) that are fighting Assad, will only exasperate the refugee crisis now hitting Europe. What should be watched very carefully is if Western counties also bomb Syria goverment positions , Russia will step in, that in it’s simplicity could lead to a major conflict between superpowers in Syria. Then Germany should then expect million + Syrians moving across into the European Union, which in all perspective probably cannot afford to cater to the current quota of Syrian refugees.

Bombing and re-arming the lunatic groups in Syria (by the West) has fueled the refugee crisis. The prudent step would be to negotiate with Assad and end the conflict. Putin will be smiles. Obama will have to take it, since he fucked it. Much better than continued violence. Otherwise it will blow up into something far worst than what it is.


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