Christopher Kane – Spring 2016 London Fashion Week.

3.nocrop.w1800.h1330.2x(Photo from All credit due)

I fucking love this collection, ok, with criticisms of inundation and an over-abundance of lack of ideas aside. Yes, a designer can re-work a look that I adore, which is the early 80s punk styled ethos that came from Gauthier, Westwood, Kawakubo via Comme De Garcon and Yamamoto’s early mastery. So a homage to, as mentioned, 1980s designs is warranted, only if it can be pulled off successfully. This collection achieves that completely. A neon lit, spray painted, worn, black (can’t be stressed enough how well black works against yellows), slightly distressed yet styled. Very well cut and fitted, models look comfortable, despite the dark overtones, the deconstruction do it yourself flow gives an upbeat feel. Would like to have seen jewelry, beads as accessories to accompaniment the looks.


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