Recent “Anthropomorphic” search for ET is a fizzer.

dyson-sphere-140114c-02Never really bought the Dyson Sphere hypotheses nor the assumption that Extraterrestrial  Life would be anthropomorphic in it’s energy use and emission waste.

If anything, the recent (and broad) dismal of advanced alien life within the Kardashev scale, is significant in the sense to not use that particular human-centric measure for the search of advanced Extraterrestrial Life.

From:  Are We Alone? Survey Finds No Sign of Advanced Alien Civilizations

…In 1964, Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev defined three levels of civilization based on their ability to harness the energy available to them. Since that time, the Kardashev scale has been expanded to include four more levels. Earth’s civilization lies very low on the scale, at about a Type 0.7, because of its ability to harness only a portion of the energy of its planet.

Earlier this year, a team of astronomers led by Jason Wright, of Pennsylvania State University, studied 100,000 galaxies that NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft could best observe, searching for signs of a Type III civilization capable of harnessing the energy of an entire galaxy. Such a civilization would have to be extremely advanced, capable of colonizing multiple stars within a galaxy and using the energy of all of them. Following the laws of thermodynamics, energy harnessed from this kind of technology could not be destroyed but should be radiated away in infrared wavelengths, similar to the way a computer radiates heat.

Wright’s team identified 93 sources exhibiting both extreme mid-infrared emission and colors. Michael Garrett (professor at the University of Leiden) investigated those that had been well studied in the past, in an attempt to determine possible sources of the excessive radiation. He found that the majority of the systems created emission that could be best explained by natural astrophysical processes, such as dust generated and heated by massive star formation. He concluded that advanced civilizations capable of harnessing the power of their galaxies are scarce or nonexistent.

“The original research at Penn State has already told us that such systems are very rare, but the new analysis suggests that this is probably an understatement, and that advanced Kardashev Type III civilizations basically don’t exist in the local universe,” Garrett said in the statement.”

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