Cold War 2 (update 3)


In a simple observation without moral constraints you can tell who is a strong leader and who is a weak leader, a blunt description while the superpowers jostle for positions in the new cold war, clearly Obama is the weak leader, to pander to Saudi Arabia all the while they funded, supported and armed the Islamic death cult, that could expand and contract within the “moderates” forces fighting against Shia (Iran) interests in the middle east, namely Syria.  The point is, with America reliant on a 30% oil output from the Saudis and also encouraged by American/Europeans policy to engage in preclusive economic warfare to lower the oil price (punishment and sanctions against Russian oil revenue for shooting down MH17 Malaysian airlines over Ukraine in 2014).  The West is using one of the most brutal regimes in the Middle East as a strategic ally, that being Saudi Arabia, all the while allowing the IS threat to wash up over it’s borders within the influence of the Internet.  Western leaders have shown a clueless almost embarrassing analysis to that “Extremist” threat.  Now Putin, despite being  an autocratic leader with all it’s ruthlessness attached, is now going to stamp out one portion (or side) of that threat.  How?  By defining and revealing who and what the war in the Middle East is all about.  Which, we in the West, should be completely aware of, as it is a war between two religious sects the Shias and Sunnis.  The West/America allied to countries that have encouraged the death cult which has been responsible for crimes and attacks within Western countries   So a strong leader reveals the truths, the sides and the opposing forces as opposed to a weak leader that hides in ambiguity and misleads the people. Good or bad the reverberation from what Russia is doing in Syria will have a major ramification globally more so creating decisive tensions between the two religious ideologies.    All of this could have been avoided, if Obama and European leaders sat down with Assad and came to an agreement/ceasefire.  Next stop for Russia after Syria will be Yemen forming a vanguard against the Saudis.

A Middle Eastern conflict in it’s simplicity is about a resource that comes from death and decay.  Oil.

It is going to get worst.

From Bloomberg

“As world powers get drawn deeper into the conflict, more than 50 Saudi clerics called on Syrian rebels and Muslim countries on Monday to support a jihad against Syria’s government and its allies.

“This is a real war on Sunnis, their countries and their identities,” said the statement. It urged the rebels to join a “jihad against the enemy of God and your enemy and Muslims will back you every way they can.”

More than 40 insurgent groups on Monday called “Russia’s military aggression in Syria a flagrant occupation” that is a “legitimate target.” Their statement said: “The coming war is one that aims to liberate our land from two occupying forces: Iranian and Russian.”


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