Cold War (update 5) Middle East

CUmUY-FW4AIYh0u.png:large(Russia’s ‘map’ of airspace and route of plane that was shot down.  Can we trust Russian accounts of circumstances after the downing of the Malaysian airline over Ukraine in 2014?)

As discussed in We are at war (war being defined as an act of aggression against you) it was mentioned that Saudi Arabia would test Russia’s patience, instead at this point it appears Turkey has just stepped over the line with the shooting down of a Russian fighter over Syria.  Case in point is both Turkey and Saudi Arabia support the Islamic death cult in which both countries uses as a crazed religious militia against the Kurds that Turkey initiates and attacks including Shia interests via Saudi Arabia’s guidance.  America, France and UK are walking around in circles with this conflict, whether a regime change in Syria was a Western Folly or not, what is concerning is the group that the West wants to fight and destroy in the middle east actually exists within their own countries.  It is a cult.  France bombing IS positions in Syria and Iraq is nothing short of a waste of time and resources, but at the same time – dangerous.  America’s miscalculations of how to deal with Syrian situation, in which it has armed and supported moderate and extremist groups has made it a mockery of it’s military  prowess.   Russia has drawn a line in the sand in regards to moderate and extremist, therefor all are targeted.   Leveling areas that are controlled by forces fighting against Syrian government forces has also kill civilians. This has enraged Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as their Sunni death cults and various militias  are now being eradicated in the region.   Turkey has stepped to Russia with a shooting down of Russian fighter jet and the execution of the Russian pilots by American trained ‘moderates’ Syrian Turkmen (killed while parachuting from the plane).   This is an act of war against Russia.  Putin will respond.  What is unfolding in the Middle East is very serious.

Peace now and the Middle East and West with the proxy wars that have spilled over into both regions of the world and killed so many.  Sunni and Shia Muslims of Europe must reconcile and pledge solidarity  to the countries they reside in, which in turn should be part of a widespread peace movement that encompasses everyone.   Turkey and Saudi Arabia must end support for Islamic extremist/terror groups, the West can implement oil boycotts and funding for both countries.  A peace and ceasefire needs to be set down immediately.  Has the West got the courage to do that?  That is another question.

Finding peace within a proxy war and ‘cold war’ is not a complex solution.  But it needs to happen quickly.


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