Very short story prompt (3)


(Image from: All credit due)

Break in and squat, financial crisis, dead-end city. It’s all good. Had to come at some point. Always wanted to live here, or at least something similar. Brass taps, marble finish, maybe granite. Not to sure. But sweet. No water, well no running water. That’s ok, we sourced a water main, in the basement. Filled up the large plastic containers take them to back to the apartment. Obviously in twos, her and I. Training and exercise. Motivation. Heard of the ME by Starck by DURAVIT? It’s a bath. Fucking amazing, deep set, good for two people. Heat? No problems, electrical grid still activated, people down the end hallway, good people, she used to be an electrician, him a butcher.  What a combo, anyway they hooked up the mains. Everyone is happy. Well, best you can be, no neighbor dispute, yet. Oh, also no central heating and cooling, no big deal I built a igloo, enclosed space around the bedroom inside the apartment. Made it look good, blended it in. I wasn’t going to run to the hills. The city is my home. Like I said, it’s just a big squat, whole floors for the tenants, deep set concrete, not fibrous or cheaply built. This place was for the rich. Now it is ours. Windows set back, double glazed. I wouldn’t know if I had neighbors. That is how good it is. Take everyday as it comes. Her and I. Prefer it no other way. Two against the world. Gotta survive. By the way, she painted  the living room, a huge space, all in a lighter shade of rouge.


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