Cold War (update 6) Turkey and Russia.


(Turkish Lire and Russian Ruble currencies collapse pre-conflcit between the two countries. Chart from all credit due)

The theocratic lunacy of two oil giants such as Iran and Saudi Arabia fighting a proxy war against each and using the distortion of religion more so their Islamic faiths in which each country believes is the true and right one.  Is beyond dangerous.  The West, America thrives off 30% of the Saudi oil output.  The collapse of the oil price is economic warfare between Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Enter Turkey a NATO play wedged geographically between Europe and the Middle East, all the while they fund and arm and allow free movement of a Sunni end-of-days death cult that is being used to attack dissident groups and/or other religious minorities that are a threat to Turkish interests.  Russia/Putin is attacking anything that opposes the Assad regime, that also means civilian targets.  It is a cleaning operation of the most brutal kind.  Saudi’s proxy war with Iran in Yemen is trying to achieve the same effect, bomb civilian targets and infrastructure.  Redefine borders with attrition warfare.  The next move now, is if Russia and Turkey go to War, which is very possible, the West, will need to redefine it’s ally base.  Should NATO forces move into Turkey to support a Russian attack, a flash point between Russian and Turkey will go hot.  As Russia is trying to widen Syrian borders

These are conflicts for the control of oil and gas resources, remember, China, Japan and the West (America/Europe) are net importers of oil.



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