A.Glass updates and insight (77)


(Image from: https://www.imaginaryfoundation.com. All credit and rights due to the artist/s.  The above art is not mine.  Image used is from Imaginary Foundation.  I like it.)

I hope to have my new book available in mid April 2016.    The title will be revealed in late March 2016.  The book will be of novel size.

Very soon there will be two new art works framed, one will be large and the other smaller.  Images available soon on Chiasmus.

“Human rebellion ends in metaphysical revolution. It progresses from appearances to acts, from the dandy to the revolutionary.”  Albert Camus, The Rebel: An Essay on Man in Revolt

“I must rebel against nature, I must struggle against the eternal.  To push myself, is to break my own will power and in turn is to test my true power.  To see if I can survive.  Challenge reality is to break this reality.  Blame no one in the realm of survival.  Thrive off the exhaustion from life.    The past is finished and there is no future.  Only the now.” Anonymous quote



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