Iris van Herpen. RTW Paris Fashion Week 2016

Within my own personal philosophy I believe in reworking reality, changing it, molding it.  A manipulation of time and space.  I am not  a determinist.  I revel in powering through the concepts of what is possible, to question the construct that in all retrospect has been imposed on us and in someways has been allowed to impose on our existence.  Take that as you will.   So when I see a fashion designer such as Iris van Herpen, this in it’s visualization is the transformation of the human form within the necessity of being enveloped in functionality i.e clothing.  It is reassuring that homogeneous ideologies with their restrictions on freedom are quickly wiped away within the annals of time.  What works beyond nakedness, is the individualization of style and representation of appearance however you may approach that.  Throughout history societies have defined their mien from what they wear, fashion is important because you push forward beyond the realms of expectation.  A good fashion designer reiterates that pledge of true individualism and it’s bravery.   Iris van Herpen is that designer.


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