Europe has an Islamic “Cult” Problem


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As the proxy war between Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey draws to a close, on the back of devastating airstrikes by Russia who bombed anything that resembles a threat against the Assad regime.  Despite Putin saying that a withdrawal of Russian forces has occurred, it would be certain that a sizable contingent of air-force planes, bombers remain.  Russia will now have a permanent fixture in the middle east via Syria.  As discussed in Cold War (update 5) Middle East, it is an absolutely futile (and dangerous) reaction by Western European countries to bomb targets in the middle east, in retaliation, for attacks on Westerners.  The threat of terrorists originating from Islamic fundamentalism has morphed from an organized base to a fragmented ‘cult’.  This makes the situation extremely dangerous as the centralized aspect of a terrorist group has now split into multiple cult members in countries throughout the West.  Any activation into an attack will occur without online/phone communication.  These will be spontaneous events that were planned prior.

The authorities need to shut down the cult aspects of Islam.  How they will do this depends on the political spectrum and sensibilities.  Not overreactions. coverage




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