Paradox of the Locus “Novus Stella” (2016) – Adrian Glass


(Image: The Eye of Jupitar.  From  All credit due.)

The last of the Solar System salvage missions, The Delphi and it’s crew have been alerted to a potential salvage around the moon Ganymede.  A ship called the Novus Stella, launched years ago has now reappeared in a retrograde orbit around Jupiter’s largest moon. The crew of the Delphi will encounter an event that will make them question their very existence.
“If I was to describe to you what we saw.  The strange events that occurred.  Yet I have no proof, just what I can tell you.  You wouldn’t believe me. I don’t blame you.  We all have bigger problems facing us.  But I’ll never forget what happened.”

Paradox of the Locus:


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