Louis Vuitton – Resort 2017



Images from http://nymag.com/thecut/runway/2017/resort/rio-de-janeiro/resort/louis-vuitton/  All credit due.)

High fashion labels do not care about you.  Nor do they have too. They are instilled financial powerhouses that deliver to the high-end markets and clientele.  The absurdity of this is clear when you have a Louis Vuitton show in Brazil all the while the country is falling apart, pre the Olympics (cue riots and turmoil).  But irony in all it’s manifestations and the tensions that it creates can deliver; either good or bad.

The stalwart avant-garde designers that have stuck it out through the years with hopes and aspirations that Asia, namely China will buy into their markets may never get that reprieve.  Instead what they may receive is a high-end fashion label acknowledge their efforts and it appears Louis Vuitton has granted it.  Their resort range does just that, it pays a delectated homage to the edgy designers, with layered styles enwrapped with dark and draped fabrics.  For a sunny and happier time, this range has a dark feel.   Apart from the so called ‘sports’ styles mixed in with this collection, the overall portrayal of Vuitton’s 2017 Resort collection reflects an odd fusion with it’s use of the primary color spectrum and chopped up cuts.  Impractical design concepts that show no real care or interest.  As through it was rushed though as a secondary presentation to the runway spectacle, as mentioned in all it’s absurdity.


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