The World has an “Islamic Cult” Problem


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As discussed in Europe has an Islamic “Cult” Problem.  Since the horrendous events in Paris, France, there has been bomb attacks in Belgium and two major attacks in America.  The most recent now being the attack on a gay club in Florida, killing 49 people.  In simple terms without technicalities of morality,  the point is, we have people, who believe in a doomsday version of Islam, preached by clerics in Saudi Arabia and other countries allied to the Saudis in the Middle East that are also allied to the West.  That’s it.  The options available now is to shutdown these cults that are killing Western people.  Ban Wahhabism style Islam anywhere in the West or if they refuse to stop preaching Islamic hate they are then sent to Saudi Arabia or associated country in the Middle East.  One way ticket paid for, put Saudi Arabia on notice – militarily, that means, as discussed in earlier posts, bombing Syrian positions is an utter waste of time that also kills civilians.  Russia committed to the bombing campaign was not to end Islamic extremism but to expand it’s presence in the Middle East, in other words claim half of Syria as a Russian military area (bases), which will be the outcome of that Civil War.  A country sliced in two.  The Saudi military machine has shown it’s worth in Yemen, specifically targeting civilian positions and then bullying the UN (unless organization) via a withdrawal of funding that it is not to be investigated for war crimes.  We have to decide, but there is pain, that means economic pain to retaliate with financial and political and/or military pressure on the Saudis, this  will cause the oil price to go up significantly.  The sleight of hand bullshit by the Western leaders was to ensure that the oil price remains low while allowing the Saudis and Iran (lifting sanctions) to compete with oil output.  As long as we are attached to a despotic shithole country that one day the desert will consume (will we recuse them?) – the Islamic death cult supply chains will continue from two points; Saudi Arabia and Turkey.  If the West has balls, it will bomb into both of those country’s territories and then send in special forces to clean up. Sever the source.  Again the oil pice will spike.  Otherwise these attacks will continue.




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