Art: “Babson’s Sphere” (test print)


Staying true to scientific and philosophical monuments or artistic concepts to honor theory within the humanistic paradigms. The test print above, tilted “Babson’s Sphere” holds that relevance as a homage.  Similar to Cenotaphs of Human Conquest (Adrian Glass 2015) which was influenced by two points, one, Isaac Newton’s proposed Cenotaph by the influential architect  Etienne Louis Boullée in the mid 1700s.  A show of respect to mathematics and the advancement of science. The other more poignant influence to Cenotaphs of Human Conquest, was the late Lebbeus Woods’s structural model design and images for Albert Einstein’s tomb, which I adore.

Babson’s Sphere” will continue on from the Cenotaphs of Human Conquest influence.  The image will be printed (fine art paper) and framed very soon at A0 size format.

img_8827Cenotaphs of Human Conquest (Adrian Glass 2015)


Boullée, Cénotaphe à Newton (1784)

sfmoma_LebbeusWoods_09_EinsteinTombEinstein Tomb (Lebbeus Woods 1980)


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