Versace Spring/Summer, Mens. Milan fashion week 2017

Versace has nailed down a tough, straight up collection for Spring/Summer 2017.  These clothes will probably break your bank account, but, if you are a student of fashion design, the study would be looking inward into an industry that prides it’s self on originality.  Term is loose, packaged right and presented with gusto, style can be reworked with what has already been done.  So the one thing you can take from this without paying for it, is how incredibly well done the presentation/format (yes mega bucks, but duplication on budget could be also achieved) of the show and of course the fashion.  Clean efficient cuts and styles that show resilience, focus and power, being a male collection at certain times it should represent masculinity  – rather than completely inspired by androgynous looks.   So far Versace has set the benchmark for Milan fashion week.  Can it be topped?

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