Y-3 Spring/Summer 2017 . Paris Fashion Week

Yohji Yamamoto in simple terms is a master.  I have reviewed many of his shows and what always stands out is his stalwart design that evolves within it’s encapsulation of aesthetics.  Never shifting dramatically to what already works, building upon learned techniques and adapting to concepts within it’s own personal challenge.  Make it yours.  Very inspiring.  According to the Y3 official Adidas channel on Youtube.  This collection was influenced by his favorite science fiction and horror movies.  Which has an obvious slant with this latest Y3 Paris show, moving slightly away from his originality of the avant garde ‘sports’ style, the 2017 Y3 collection is one of dystopian futures.  Facing the now as an imagined expression, it’s purpose; to develop style and promote distinct concepts that may reflect future worlds.



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