“Babson’s Sphere” (Adrian Glass)


(“Babson’s Sphere”  33 1/2 x 24” Framed enhanced photographic image printed on Museo Silver Rag – 300gsm)

In homage to Roger Babson’s essay “Gravity- Our Enemy No. 1,” after witnessing the death of his sister as she drowned, reflecting on the tragedy with his quote “She was unable to fight gravity, which came up and seized her like a dragon and brought her to the bottom.”  He would then create The Gravity Research Foundation, an organisation that would seek to fight against gravity as a hindrance and it’s threat to humanity.   From a scientific perspective, the Universe and/or natural systems are indifferent to human beings, not hostile.  In that being said a philosophical point of view could also express that what we deem as Nature and it’s Universal presence is the ultimate enemy of humankind.

Dimension Eleven catalogue is available for download (PDF): dimension-eleven



One thought on ““Babson’s Sphere” (Adrian Glass)

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