Gareth Pugh. Spring 2017 RTW – London Fashion Week



(Images from  All credit due.)

With New York Fashion week now passed with all it’s inundated over-hype and selling points to the large department stores.  In this odd facade of a socialist (money printing)/capitalist ‘utopian’ wonderland  you’ll have dilution.  Ideas and creativity become secondary replaced by an en masse uninspiring junk fest.  London Fashion week, as it moves closer to Paris Fashion week, exclusivity, creative design and new ideas become center stage.   Gary Pugh is one of the most unique and creative fashion designers at the moment, skilled at establishing his collections and reworking themes from various influences, although at times he does shift in direction, which would be my only criticism.  Any change in directional focus does not necessary imply an momentum, it can also mean that one is stepping back and trying anew.  Extremely risky if you are an established artist or fashion designer for the sheer reason you’ll break that artistic base to source a new foundation.  Which means you could end up going backwards.    Core ideas, from it’s beginnings, that are weaved into creations set the benchmark, it then becomes a discipline to work the multitude of possibilities from the first and last concepts –  ad infinitum.  So with Pugh’s ready-to-wear collection for 2017 we have German expressionism ala Fritz Lang 1927 Metropolis ‘Goddessstyling, Bauhaus modernism embracing bohemian fashion, which is a very unique and original fusion.  An overall beautifully crafted collection, mixed exceptionally well on the catwalk.


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