Damir Doma (RTW) London Fashion week – Spring 2017






(Images from nymag.com.  All credit due.)

Damir Doma is such a consistent designer with a prolific standard emerging, from the exceptional Autumn/Winter 2017 show his stalwart style has now transpired into this Spring 2017 collection.  This is where, in my opinion, a creative person begins to excel.  Not breaking the continuity and restarting a core theme, but rather, re-working concepts and refining those visualizations.  The unthreading of fabrics suggests a post-dystopian style, infused with a draped avant-garde look, but at the same time very distinct to Doma’s artistic visions.  As an artist who is aware of the importance of colors within the spectrum, you would know very well that chromatically neutral colors against black and white, can enhance darkened styles.   His use of a dulled yellow with this collection, is one of the most important colors that that can be matched against black and as mentioned other obscured shades.  Once again, Doma shows an artistic instinct to mix the palette of dark and light within his Spring collection – note the contrasts of all white styles, brown/dark blues and black ranges.    It is a sombre affair for Spring, but then again, these are avant-garde clothes.  More so, in my opinion, it  represents a Dystopian ensemble, clashing against modernist utopian ideals.  Which would be correct, a representation of current events and tensions throughout the world.  The dramatic ending being the black styles, sporadically mixed with red, blood colored specked smocks and t-shirts.


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