Life of Jupitar’s moon Europa? (updated)


(Image from the Galileo probe.  Note the ice fractures.  Europa looks like a compacted solid ball of ice, if there is an ocean underneath, it would be shielded and protected by the thickness of the ice.)


“Astronomers will present results from a unique Europa observing campaign that resulted in surprising evidence of activity that may be related to the presence of a subsurface ocean on Europa,” NASA wrote in a press release Tuesday announcing the media event.”


NASA once again over-hypes a discovery.  Delay the news conference, ensure speculative overthinking by the poor populous.  With every second person on the Internet assuming they have discovered life (albeit primitive) on Europa.  A branding and promotion technique to create hype.  That is fine, part of selling the story.  But it is shame that a scientific organization has too use a Hollywood stye tantalization to draw in an interest.

The news:  NASA via Hubble have discovered water plumes and/or jets emitting from the ice moon.  Was also discovered in 2012 by the Hubble telescope.


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