New York Fashion week, Public School– Resort 2017

Once again Public School via the designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne school how it is done.  Know the color spectrum, understand how chromatic and achromatic colors work, this is noted with the perfection of yellow and black represented predominately with their Resort 2017 collection.  Black is not a color  as it does not reflect light, but it can be used as an excellent base to create dramatic contrasts.   Skilled fashion designers can achieve a pronounced impact from not only well cut clothes, but the use of details in color representation  – Public Shool execute this with finesse.  Street wear does not have to be immature, it can be tough, mature and resilient.  Attire suited for combat against the pressures of life.  Facing the world, not afraid of it, challenging oneself and pushing forward.  Grays and browns, subtle insignia and smart use of pattern work.  Sex appeal, with a slight social commentary (veiled female and male models) that could be seen as an implied statement.  It is about rebellion.


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