Paradox of the Locus: The Curator


(Art:  Adrian Glass (2016) )


Allison Vilus manages and curates her own gallery: Vilus Gallery in New York City, one of the many commercial galleries that are situated in lower Manhattan.  The world in it’s tumultuous predicament shows no favors as America goes into an economic recession.  Sales are down, while the debt increases equate to the obvious in the boom and bust of capitalism. Satran Kaevon awakes in his apartment, not to sure if he is an artist yet he sees a framed image of his creation.  Which may hold the answers to the fragmented reality that we all endure.  His amnesia of prior events cloud the past, yet he knows there is an urgency in the now.  A proposition must be offered.  In the uncertainty of it’s principle Allison Vilus must make a choice.

Paradox of the Locus


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