The aesthetics of virtual futures: Junya Watanabe Spring 2017

Left image (from Fashionista): Spring 2017 Junya Watanabe.  Right image: Pris (Daryl Hannah) Blade Runner 1982

The beauty of popular culture in it’s reference to aesthetics within virtual futures.  Is the ability to represent possible trends, these can transpire into a reality or remain in that virtual world.  Either way, it exists as possibilities.  So much is owned to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (1983), the attention to detail with this early 80s science fiction drama is representative of the art-form in creating sets, costumes and story boards which show a future that may occur.  Yes the devil is in the details.

For Paris fashion week Spring 2017, the cyber-punk homage via Junya Watanabe owes (in my opinion) a recognition to the Blade Runner style, more so the character ‘Pris’ played by Daryl Hannah.

Full SS2017 collection for Junya Watanabe


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