Cold War 2 (update 11). Russian nukes line Polish/Lithuanian borders.

Image from  All credit due)

The Middle Eastern tensions, more so the Syrian debacle, has everything to with geopolitical power plays.  It is not that complex at all, Iran and Saudi Arabia are enemies, The West i.e America has allied it’s self with the Saudis as the China (net importer of Iranian oil) and Russia have allied themselves with Iran.  Syria is the front line of the proxy war.  Within the confines of those regions and archaic beliefs that have been set into a theocratic system of control, the excuses for their butchery has been allowed by both sides of the conflict, these are no less than horrendous crimes against humanity.  However their savagery is justified within the context of the new cold war between superpowers.  A justification, without moral consideration, can be seen as the lines  become more clear between America/ Europe versus Russia and China.  The side has been chosen for you, depending on what region of the world you live in, it has everything to do with natural resources (fossil fuels) and expansion of Empires.  Vladimir Putin is now a Tzar who would like to expand back into Eastern Europe (without Communist inclinations however they do exist in the background), with China expanding it’s regional assets, which cannot be over land,  so therefor the Seas, namely the South China Sea.   These are now established Cold War 2 dynamics.

The fear is that a Nuclear confrontation and/or accident may occur.


“Lithuania and Poland have expressed concerns as Russia confirmed the deployment of nuclear-capable Iskander missiles into its Kaliningrad outpost that borders the two NATO members.

The Polish government reacted angrily to Russia’s move, calling it “very alarming”, while Lithuanian officials said it could breach an international nuclear weapons treaty.

Linas Linkevicius, Lithuania’s foreign minister, said on Saturday that Russia was using the deployment “to seek concessions from the West”. Moscow’s move came amid heightened tensions between Russia and western countries over Syria. 

“Russia is holding military exercises in Kaliningrad, and its scenario includes deployment of Iskander missile systems and the possible use of them. We are aware of it,” Linkevicius told AFP news agency.”





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