Paradox of the Locus: THE MIND INSIDE THE WORLD


(Image:  Adrian Glass.  (c) )


The future is now.  After Word War Three, a new perspective has occurred for the human race.  Staggering into the new world, humanity has barely coped. These are the cycles inside a timeline within the cruel irony of a Universe.  A break of determinism would be the only solace.  The certainly is survival. Three individuals, their lives separate at the same time interconnected in this vast future city.
Gabrielle Loren an ex-test pilot, now a shell of a woman.  Broken and scarred, her fight is to retain her humanity and move forward against the weight of existence.  To find hope in the human conquest.
Professor Vincent Krulaz the esteemed theoretical physicist, in his retiring years is about to finish his last publication, a book that will rewrite reality and link another world with ours.
Roger Tyrus ex-military, special forces, now a private detective.  It is the struggle, he has fought all his life.  To say goodbye as a parent’s memory fades.  Unable to remember what it is to be alive.  Accept the succour and embrace the forever battle.

Paradox of the Locus


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