Boris Bidjan Saberi SS2017 – Paris Fashion week

From clothing designer to costume design, both disciplines should be studied under the conceptualization of aesthetics.  Intermixed and you’ll possibly be able to sell into two markets, of course you have to do your homework and be talented.  If you are a designer or interested in fashion design that pays homage to costume, particularly within the realms of avant-garde or ‘punk’ fashion.  One should note Boris Bidjan Saberi as an example of a fashion designer who stands between those two worlds of represented styles, leaning more towards production concepts and themed creations – which seem heavily influenced by movies.

Drawing from the science fiction gene, with a focus on the cyberpunk style.  Saberi’s adeptly named “Post-Humanism”  for his Spring/Summer collection defines a fluidity yet is structuralist in it’s originality, a philosophical perspective of the Post-Human condition, clothing for the cyborg and human fusion, light fabrics layered into precision styles, vests over baggy trousers, a futurist look.  Undoubtedly Blade Runner influenced, off-world miners, as mentioned, encapsulated with the cyberpunk aesthetic; draped coats (distressed leather) with modernism styled drawn on tattoos of Saberi’s two line symbolism.  From black/white and grays, merged cleverly with mustard/saffron yellows and reddish browns.  Once again it brings to mind the post-humanist industrial look portrayed by Boris Bidjan Saberi’s attention to detail.  A relaying of ideas to become an actuality, which has morphed into a superb futurist style collection.


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