Ilaria Nistri. Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017


(Images from All credit due)

It’s great see a designer that in someways has flown underneath the radar. The 2017 Spring/ Summer fashion weeks are over, with Paris obviously leading the charge with it’s established meritocracy in fashion design and representation.  Milan fashion week showcased the slew of established Italian fashion houses, in the mix, is the newer designer Ilaria Nistri.  Mostly known for her editorial work with not much runway exposure which could indicate that she is still an independent designer gaining a foothold into the higher end markets. Looking at her styles, Nistri is clearly a risk taker, setting down concepts and working them into an original look which is an advancement away from the avant-garde aesthetic. This can bee seen with her Spring/Summer 2017 collection for Milan Fashion Week, which is evident of Nistri’s progression and her attention to details. Cream and dark blue linen, silks inlays, a rebellious take on the tuxedo draped blazer.  Breaking through traditional styles and making them your own. 

Nistri is also experimenting with some beautiful pattern work with a rustic, cracked whitewashed paint – seen on shirts and pants. A tough and resilient looking collection, portrayed well in the photo-shoot by the models. Large hooded jackets, femme fatale, dark and powerful – distressed and paned leathers also known as the Virago sleeves.  Represented as an overall style.  Once again the cleverness of Nistri shines through as she has taken the historical Virago (strips of leather) technique and rendered it into a contemporary look, intertwined with large Lampasse military stripes. An intelligent and masterful collection for Ilaria Nistri.


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