Very short story prompt (10)

This excerpt below originates from my novel written in 2012 called The Chaos Syndicate: Ad Extremus.  It is no longer available, however the script/pitch from the first novel can still be downloaded.  Please use this link for the PDF download  The sample script was pitched, at the time, towards production companies involved in movie making and comic books.  It did not transpire into anything.  However the written sequence or scene was inspired by the 1969  movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, refer to the clip above.


“The sky, it’s…like, dark and light at the same time. That make sense?” Vengeance replies, whilst looking outside the temple entrance. The stars seem bright, close, but the sky is bright. With a slight orange hue.

“It does, freaky joint this place…and these things, a long dead army of robot killers with Nazi signs on their chests…So I guess it falls into place, couldn’t get any freakier.”

Vengeance chuckles.

Samson with his left hand wipes beads of sweat away from his brow.  A nervousness suddenly hits him, he looks back at Vengeance.

“You seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid the movie? With Paul Newman and Robert Redford, a fucking classic…” Vengeance interrupts. “Yeah, the last scene…You referring to our situation here? That last scene of the movie?”

“That’s the one, feels like that, one last stand, one last shootout…Then…”

“Dead? That’s the thing Samson…” Vengeance lifts the 50mm leaning on the wall next to her, checking it, she then detaches the box-mag, loading more rounds into the magazine,  with the 50mm now fully loaded she slams the mag back into it’s slot beneath the rife.  Vengeance looks up at Samson. “…we don’t know what happened to them, the film just ends, with them running out, giving hell…They could have made it.”

“Nah, they got fucked up…that’s why they didn’t show what happened. They would have been shot to pieces, then strung up somewhere. I mean an army of Bolivian soldiers and two guys…Fuck, no one could get out of that skirmish. It was their last stand baby.”

“Maybe,” Vengeance says smiling. “But they didn’t have a real life goddess as their backup,” she says referring to Lara Christine, elevated above surveying the horizon above the small temple on this alien planet, where Vengeance and Samson are holed up.

“Yeah, but what if they take her down?” Samson says

Vengeance cocks her 50mm, checks the sights, and the places the large rifle back against the wall. “Then we go out in a blaze of glory my friend,”

“Alright! Vengeance…Anyone to go out in a blaze glory with… it’d be you girl. Your father would be proud,” Samson says. As Vengeance briefly thinks back to her father and mother, to her recent nightmares of that incident, when her mother and father were gun downed in Canada all those years ago. Her father was a soldier, that taught her how to shoot and use weapons. She doesn’t reply, looking out towards where Lara is elevated above, the ‘Goddess of The Black Sun’ turns looking down at Vengeance and Lara. “Head’s up kids, some more of these tinpot things coming our way, bigger ones this time.”

Vengeance and Samson get up, lifting their weapons. Samson turns to Vengeance.

“Let’s do it.”


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