Globus Cassus: Christian Waldvogel’s conceptual designs.

I have been studying recently the Dyson Sphere hypotheses, in which it speculatively relates to the mysterious star KIC 8462852 also known as Tabby’s Star, the concept is of a Sphere created around a star to draw energy from it’s power for an advanced Extraterrestrial Civilization or more so to generate it’s computing power.  An alien race that now lives inside a massive computer, transcending into a simulated reality within, what already could be, a simulated Universe.   I came across this concept, the Globus Cassus by the Swiss architect Christian Waldvogel.  A conceptual and artistic theorem which proposes that our Earth can be reworked and remade by humans into a structure.   This concept I like, as it draws close to the philosophical standing that we, as human beings, will have to rebel against Nature (otherwise it will destroy us) and reconfigure the entity.  Make it ours.  To conquer the natural construct and overthrow it’s tyranny (or indifference) against humanity.


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