Scale of human “Influence” within the Milky Way.


(Image from Extreme Tech. All credit due)

The image above came from the Extreme Tech website in relation to our span of radio signals that have been emitted in the last two hundred years, since the first radio transmission was created.  The presumed influence or exposure that we have developed using electromagnetic radio waves, has amounted to a tiny radius of so called human ‘influence’.  Which is calculated and portrayed above in this rendition of the Milky Way – only 20o light years in diameter.  Our question within the infinite mass of the Universe.  Why haven’t we been able to contact ETI?  Can be seen clearly here that our, human race, projections into the cosmos are minuscule in the scale of it’s existence.   It gives rise further to the idea that if we do make contact with an highly advanced alien civilization, they will seek us out, rather than us seeking them.  Or by random chance not determinism, that we will meet halfway within this tiny part of the Galaxy, in it’s similarity there could be another civilization which maybe slightly more advanced than us also trying to make contact.

We should keep searching.

From Paradox of the Locus, via my character Professor Vincent Krulaz

Alien life?” The hosts asks, as the rest of the guests look intently towards Professor Krulaz.

We could be in this Universe with no intelligent life apart from us, living on the Earth. I don’t believe that is the case. It is just that what we are searching for, in our current understanding of life within our reality, will be something we may not be able to comprehend. But we live in a Universe made up of endless possibilities. What is unusual to us, is normal to others. I am very optimistic.”


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