Peter Schlémil (When Time Ends, The Seasons Begin)


(Image:  Adrian Glass (2015), please credit if used as a public domain image.)

This is a fictitious interview with an architect which I created. He doesn’t exist.  The excerpt is from my 2013 book. “When Time ends, The Seasons begin”  Chapter 3 Professor Daimon.


An image appears of a man in his late forties being interviewed as he walks through the streets of Paris.

You see, the building is man, his structure, his ideals, his life…his future. But the thing is, this… Pointing to a Art Norveau style arch that sits over the entrance of a small Paris cafe. …it outlives man. Because it is supposed too. You design to create an impression of life that transcends away from the very existence of life. That at the same time absorbs and sustains life. The question, for the designer, architect is; Are we creating life? Is a building alive? He then points to the jade like Art Nouveau ceramic work around the early nineteen hundred’s arch. “…This is alive, organic. Beautiful. Do you see?

The footage then shows shots of vast skyscrapers built in the middle east, China. Next we see Schlémil sitting at a table in front of him are small blocks of wood in various shapes, in which he is aligning in different forms.

A voice of the interview is heard in the background. “What do you think of modern architecture? The designs of today?

Horrible, they are a travesty…We are living in a time of illusions, you cannot completely blame governments, or institutions, religion…Or whatever. We are partly to blame, I say that generally. We aspire for an equality of wealth in a system of exploitation. You are then sold a cheap substitute for your gullibility. Right now, the buildings that are created, it is like…Potemkin Villages, a facade, they are lifeless, dead…Nothing. That is the creations of today. That is the architects of today, they built an already doomed structure which is, like I said, that is dead, it is not alive.”

I read a piece you wrote for an art magazine a little while back, you mentioned that architecture should build structure in time for a trans-humanism existence…This is tied into your theory of dead and alive buildings.

Yes. Do we build a disaster waiting to happen? A dead realm, or do we build, now, for the post-world, a post-humanistic existence? We must transcend into our structures, as they find form, the architecture then transcends into us…It is the need of becoming one with our creations. Only then, within the material world, we can exist beyond the material world. Humanity is in desperate need of this, you see this now, with the wars, our failed concepts of stability, the corruption on human strength an values via superstitious beliefs…” The footage then shows a closeup of Schlémil as he looks into the camera. “…Maybe god did throw the dice one too many times…” He begins to laugh

(All rights are held by Adrian Glass 2013)


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