Louis Vuitton. Pre-Fall Winter 2016/2017



(Images from vogue.it.  All credit due.)

Once again, an established fashion icon (LVMH conglomerate) is able to produce and reveal pre the early fashion weeks of 2017 a superb Fall and Winter collection.  What also should be noted, like Versace, is the flawlessly cut clothing.  As a recognized brand in which a multinational empire now owns the name Louis Vuitton, which in turn feeds predominately into the China, Russian and Japanese markets.   Without pandering to it’s superiority as a label, what I will add, apart from the machine precision cut clothing.  Is the influence that the smaller avant-garde styles and designers are now having on the larger labels.  Ideas usually flow from the bottom up, rarely from the top down do we gain inspiration.  An important and empowering aspect that to be inspired does not come from the established labels.


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