Public School. Pre-Fall 2017



(Images from  All credit due)

Public School are one of my favorite American labels, despite the mass appeal of street wear which holds no real individual appeal.  Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne are able to rework the street/sports wear look and create their own unique take within that clothing category.  Thus as designers they’re able to imprint onto an overproduced aesthetic, which is an important factor when establishing a brand to compete in saturated markets.   Chow and Osborne have a obvious affection for the modernist styles as noted with my last reviews of their previous collections (please refer to this link for reviews: Chiasmus) whilst at the same time blending in an ascetically tough urban style – it is a unique combination.

Public School’s Pre Fall 2017, with it’s representation of the street wear look, like Louis Vuitton Pre fall collection, is at times dabbling in the tartan style which maybe a trend forming for the Fall collections of 2017.   Tartan and plaid are rigid patterns that can look messy against cleaner styles.  A distinctively 1990s fashion trend look that doesn’t thrill, however, pattern work, even tartan, can be remolded and styled to complement Public School’s modernist and rugged street and sports wear styles.  They’ve  been able to achieve this with their Pre Fall 2017 collection intermixed with avant-garde asymmetrical inspired cuts, flowing skirts, silk and heavy cotton Piqué weaves.   Once again Chow and Osborne have created a distinct mix of their stalwart urban tough, minimalist/modernist looks to complete a strong and purposeful collection for Fall 2017.


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