Art: “Defy actuality”


This work titled ‘Defy Actuality’ is based on two aspects of what we deem as reality and what we see as colors in it’s perception.  Which of course are created within our own minds, as color essentially doesn’t exist.  Black and white are the predominate as an achromatic neutrality in which light cannot reflect against.  Within this image are the Stygian colors or what are also know as the ‘impossible colors’ that are activated when the eye retina neurons detect the Stygian in the darkness.  Also seen are the self-luminous colors and Hyperbolic colors.  All require black to be present.

The cosmological aspect to this image is that color in space, from the images taken by satellites, more so the Hubble space telescope – exist only in a narrow spectrum that the human eye can not detect.  So in an overall sense there is no color spectrum in space, the digital images that are beamed back to Earth from Hubble are calibrated to have colors added.  This is our artificial imprint on image that is black and white.

Please refer to the Veil Nebula taken by Hubble (Image from All credit due): 



One thought on “Art: “Defy actuality”

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    “The self and time are not illusions. This is an important understanding of reality. As the observer, it is I, the self that defines reality. Once claimed it becomes superior in his of her perception. The mindful individual is the rebel against the mindlessness of collectivism.” Adrian Glass


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