A.Glass updates and insight (87)


  • I have a new book due in 2017 (Cataclysmal), the release dates have been pushed back.  The cover art will be revealed in February 2017.    The Promo Card is available, please refer to this link.  What I can say in regards to the new book it is about relationships, human interactions, science, physics and our place in the cosmos.
  • The art piece ‘Temples of Pandæmonium‘ will be printed and framed in early 2017.  Please refer to this link for test print preview with some writing added by me.  Also, note that the piece ‘Defy actuality‘  has an written explanation in reference to colors and the creation of ‘impossible’ colors against black.  This extends into my interest regarding the perceptions of human visualization, that within the realms of reality, we create are own worlds.

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